Push Notifications
Push notifications are small pop-up messages triggered by an application, even when the application is not open. Push notifications are an essential part of social features that a customer must provide to their end users.

Direct Push Notifications

In direct push notification, Amity sends the notification straight to the end users.
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Direct push notifications does not work for web apps.

Push Notification via Webhook Events

Method 1

In this method, push notifications events are sent from Amity's server to the client's server via webhook instead of sending directly to the end users. Once the event reaches the clients server, the client requires some addition development to be turned into notifications before it reaches the end users.

Method 2

Clients who want to have the push notifications delivered to their own servers first in order to customise before it reaches their users, can opt for this method.
In this solution, events are sent from Amity’s servers to the client’s servers via webhook. Clients can decide what to do with each events before it reaches the end user's device as notification. Clients have the ability to edit the notifications (i.e: translate the message), filter them (based on specific use case or user preferences), and perform analytics before sending them to the users. With this new feature, clients can also have notifications for web apps.
For more information, go to Webhook Events settings
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Direct Push Notifications
Push Notification via Webhook Events