Chat SDK
An easy-to-integrate module that delivers high-performance messaging services
Amity Chat SDK allows engineers to add powerful messaging capabilities to their native and web apps, without the hassle of deploying, maintaining any server infrastructure, or writing complicated message synchronization logic.‌
Our Chat SDK allows users to join channels and send messages, instantly. The messages will be synced up to all users within the same chat channel in real-time. The messages sent through the system can be moderated pre-delivery via an automated custom spam and keyword filter, allowing you to moderate all messages sent manually via the admin panel.‌
Amity Chat SDK allows you to:‌
  • Start a new conversation channel with up to 300,000 concurrent participants
  • Deliver up to 1 million messages per second for each conversation channel
  • View read counts for every message
  • Moderate conversations with user banning, muting, and rate limiting
  • Assign moderators and admins via a role-based permission system
  • Filter out inappropriate content with automated spam filtering and URL whitelists
  • Manage connection state and handle offline data automatically
  • Support multi-device and multi-platform for every user



Our channels enable developers to implement different types of chat messaging capabilities into their applications easily


This page highlights the steps you will need to follow to begin integrating chat messaging into your products


Moderation is an important feature for building a safe community that encourages user participation and engagement


Interactions are more fun when you can express yourself! Let users react using emojis, stickers, or thumbs up to messages.‌

Push Notifications

Push notifications play a central role in your app user engagement‌


This page contains an overview of all relevant changes made to the Amity Chat SDK modules and the latest version releases‌
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