iOS SDK v5.0.0 Migration Guide
This guide is to provide information about breaking changes and how to migrate to the AmitySDK 5.0.0 version.
AmitySDK 5.0.0 is the major release of our SDK. As a major release, following Semantic Versioning conventions, 5.0.0 introduces API-breaking changes. This guide covers all the breaking changes and has been created to ease the transition from older SDK version (i.e SDK below 5.0.0) to AmitySDK 5.0.0.


EkoChat framework has been renamed to AmitySDK. So import EkoChat needs to be changed to import AmitySDK.
All the public classes & interfaces which uses Eko prefix has been changed to use Amity prefix. For Example, EkoChannel has been changed to AmityChannel.
Last modified 5mo ago
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