UI Kit

Amity modules are ready-to-use — the only things left to do for our customers are integration and frontend. Going the extra mile, we've created a UI Kit with endless customisations.


Our Chat UIKit for Amity Social Cloud is a development kit with a user interface to enable fast integration of standard chat features into new or existing applications. Themes allow you to apply your style through colors and fonts.


  • Easy Installation

  • Full featured chat experience with minimal amount of code.

  • Customize targeted UX flows, specific views and respond to user interactions to tailor a user experience for just your application


Amity Social Cloud, formerly known as Upstra has undergone a company wide rebranding. Please note that the materials seen in this webpage will be updated over time and may still refer to Upstra in some areas. We have utilised the legacy documentation in some sections of documentation to give you insight into these areas, but will also be updating this to the new Amity Social Cloud branding as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,